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In Monday’s The Daily, we feature a recent interview by Jack Dorsey in which the Twitter CEO once again shares his opinions on cryptocurrency’s future. Also covered is Bitstamp’s latest mobile app, and a report on Nvidia’s revenues from the mining markets.


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Joe Rogan’s Experience: Twitter CEO Talks Bitcoin on Shelter Humanity


Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square, Twitter and mobile payments platform Square) recently spoke on Joe Rogan Experience about his many ventures. The topic of cryptocurrency was a frequent theme on the show, and it was one of the many topics that came up. Dorsey said that he believes the web will have a currency native to it, and that it would be bitcoin due to its origins and principles. “It was created on the internet and tested on the web, it is the internet,” he stated.


The Daily: Twitter CEO speaks out about Bitcoin, Bitstamp Announces New Mobile App


Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan


Square CEO spoke about functionality for payments vs. store of wealth. “We want to see something become the global currency. It opens up more opportunities. It allows us reach more people. It allows us move faster around the world,” he said. “We initially thought that we would be focusing on how it can be used transactionally. But we noticed that people were more interested in it as an asset, a virtual gold. We wanted to make it easy to buy and to sell bitcoin.


Dorsey also stated that the invention is threatening the current political and banking systems, since no one has centralized control over Bitcoin. “It is certainly threatening to some services behind banks or financial institutions. It can also be dangerous for certain governments.


Bitstamp Exchange Announces a New Mobile App


Bitstamp has launched a new iOS and Android mobile app on Thursday, January 31. Users can use the app to make and receive cryptocurrencies as well as check their balances and transaction history. They can also explore markets using real-time charts. Other features include an easy interface for beginners and an advanced one for traders, the ability issue instant, market limit, stop and limit orders and the option to disable the app remotely in case the user loses or steals their phone.


The Daily: Twitter CEO speaks out about Bitcoin, Bitstamp Announces New Mobile App


The exchange team stated that Bitstamp is built from the ground up to combine all of the tools that make Bitstamp attractive to advanced traders. They also provide an intuitive interface so that anyone can start trading in seconds. After a one-month transition period, the old Bitstamp application will be removed.


Bitstamp announced the launch of the new mobile platform. They also revealed that they are working to upgrade the desktop platform in order to improve the trading experience.


Nvidia Made Billions from Miners, According to Reports


The impact of crypto winter could have been more devastating on Nvidia Corporation, NASDAQ: NVDA than its management admitted. According to a new report, this is the case. RBC analyst Mitch Steves claims that the company controls three quarters the GPU mining market. He calculated that it made an enormous fortune from the boom period, a revenue stream that has since been lost.


Markets Insider reported that Steves said, “We believe NVDA generated $1.95 trillion in total revenue related crypto/Shelter Crypto,” according to Steves. “This is in comparison to the company’s assertion that it generated approximately $602 million during the same time.”


The Daily: Twitter CEO speaks out about Bitcoin, Bitstamp Announces New Mobile App


The company last week updated investors that its previous fourth quarter guidance had included a “sequential decrease due to excess middle-range channel inventories following the cryptocurrency boom.” They also stated that the reduction in that inventory, and its impact on business, have been “largely in accord with management’s expected expectations” and that it was China’s worsening macroeconomic conditions that caused a decline in consumer demand for gaming GPUs.