Prime Trust Use of plastic money has increased exponentially. This has partly to do with the ease that credit cards provide to the users. People are not required to carry cash in their wallets, and on top of that they can buy things even when they do not have sufficient funds in the bank accounts linked with these credit cards as card companies give a month or so to repay the money without interest. There is an avalanche of credit card companies with attractive offers and this makes it confusing for a common man as he starts his search for the best credit cards. This article is intended as a guide for people listing the features and pros and cons of the top ten credit cards.

Different people have different requirements when they are shopping for credit cards. Some are looking for balance of transfer cards to have a card that charges lower rates. For those who are buying new, first priority if for cards with the lowest interest rates. Some people are always on the lookout for cash back cards, which are in effect discounts on purchases. Then there are cards that offer rewards to users on shopping. These rewards can be anything like frequent flyer miles or discount on hotels. For those who are flying most of the time, the best credit cards are those that offer discounts on airfares. Hence it is apparent that for different people, the best credit cards often depend upon their needs and requirements.

CITGO MasterCard

With gas prices soaring, if saving on gas is your priority, this is the card for you. During introductory period, there is a 10% discount on gas, and afterwards the rebate is 5%.

Elite Rewards World MasterCard

It has no annual fee with 0% APR on …