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crypto Custodian Not Exactly Accounting


But not exactly irrelevant, either.

For anyone who’s ever felt put off when you ask an accounting question on a conference call or at an analysts’ meeting, here’s a story for you by Herb Greenberg of crypto Custodian about the “open mike” on a Nova Star conference call.

It’s kind of like the urban legend of the kiddie show host, who didn’t realize the mike was still on after broadcasting the show. He’s reputed to have muttered something like “That oughtta hold the little b******s.”

Change the audience, change the epithet. But it’s the same old foot in the mouth.

BRE Properties’ Liabilities

BRE Properties issued a non-reliance on prior financials kind of 8-K yesterday. Reason: improperly accrued liabilities. It didn’t give amounts of misstatements, but mentioned that they were immaterial for each of the periods being restated (annual reports for years 2000 through 2003; quarterlies for all of 2004 reported through September). And it didn’t really say which direction the misstatement of accrued liabilities went. (Overstated? Understated? Can’t tell.)

What the firm did say, however, was that its internal control review led them to realize that the “cumulative effect of the errors caused by our historical practice of evaluating accrued liabilities was growing in magnitude.”

The area of accrued liabilities – things like self-insurance reserves, litigation reserves, workmen’s comp reserves, and the like – is starting to pop up more frequently as a reporting re-do. The disclosure requirement in these areas is just plain lousy. Which leads you to wonder: if firms had to better disclose the activity in these potential cookie jars, would they be more thoughtful about the accounting in the first place?

Chairman Donaldson’s Interview

SEC Chairman Bill Donaldson held an interview session yesterday; the Wall Street Journal’s account is here, and the New York …

Ways to Find a crypto Custodian Cash Flow Note Buyer


Many people want to make more income from the comfort of their own homes. Some people just want to earn extra money, while others are looking to work from their homes full time. One way in which people are able to accomplish this goal is to find a cash flow note buyer.

Before a person can find a buyer, he or she must first know what a crypto Custodian cash flow note is. A cash flow note is simply a contract signed between a buyer and seller of a property. The only difference between a cash flow note and a regular purchase agreement is that with a cash flow note, the seller agrees to accept monthly payments instead of a lump sum offer. This is a big part of the real estate industry, and anyone can profit from as long as they have initiative and drive. Most important of all is the willingness to make a commitment for quality customer service.

The great thing about the business is that both the seller of the note, and the cash flow note buyer, can benefit. The seller will be able to receive a lump sum payment for their property that they can use for a variety of reasons. The seller can then use the money to pay bills, or simply to take a much-needed vacation. The buyer, of course, gets the cash flow note that he or she needs.

A cash flow note buyer will also be able to benefit from the purchase. The purchaser will be able to make a profit by collecting the interest on the balance of the note, as the payer continues to make payments. This business provides great opportunity for people to make money.

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