Summary of Gas boilers care policies April 2, 2021 April 12, 2021 Ronald James
Gas boilers



If you have a heating boiler breakdown you will require some skilled plumbing system help. The law dictates that a CORGI qualified maintenance engineer is required to address numerous maintenance issues with a central heating boiler. In addition specialist tools and monitoring equipment may be called for. Accordingly this will be a task that can not be repaired by a standard handyman.


Officeholders who have taken out Gas boilers care plan will be able to get the required sure-handed help with one simple phone call.


If you are considering taking a heating boiler care policy then this article will highlight the primary Providers that you might want to consider.


The first company is British Gas who have all of the services in your office can be covered with their Officecare range. Office Care 100 is a gas boiler maintenance and breakdown remedy service for your gas boiler, timers, connected electrical temperature controls pump and programmer. Help is available every day of the year with a twenty four hour helpline They have 5500 CORGI certified plumbers. You also get unlimited call outs, plus parts and labour.


Central Heating Care from E.ON includes within its protection maintenance, repair and emergency breakdown protection for your whole central heating system. The instant you have a central heating issue you can get expert plumbing help to start to embrace the issue. An inspection of your boiler and central heating system performed within twenty eight days will ensure that they are running satisfactorily. Additionally you get an annual safety and maintenance inspection.


The final company in this review is Officeserve who offer an insurance policy to cover against any repairs to your central heating boiler, the pump or their respective electrical systems. You get a 24 hour claim line and a promise of a quick response to help you and a warranty on all permanent repairs for the life of your protection. Officeserve have their own vetted CORGI qualified heating engineers who carry out the work.


Whilst these are the leading suppliers it is only a small extract of the central heating boiler care plans available. The choice accessible is even greater when you consider that each of these three leading companies has many variances on these services. This wide range of plans with various levels of cover and pricing means that everyone can have the opportunity to look after their central heating boiler from unanticipated problems. Who wants to frantically search for a local maintenance engineer when they have a gas boiler breakdown.