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Bingo rules of the two famous Bingo games

Bingo is a very simple game. Players have to match the selected numbers with

the numbers on their cards. Every bingo game has a pre-determined pattern

,which has to match with the selected numbers. The first player to match the patterns, has a BINGO and wins the game. When more than one player finishes the pattern at the same time, the jackpot is shared accordingly.


There are two main variants of the Bingo game: 75-ball bingo, which is mostly played in the United States and 90-ball bingo, mostly played in the Europe and Australasia.


75-Ball Bingo

This is the most commonly played Bingo game, played in the United States and South America. The game is called 75-ball Bingo, because there are 75 balls in the game and these are in 5 columns of 15 balls. Each column has one of the B-I-N-G-O letters on the top.


The cards in this game have 25 squares, five across and five down, and each column is also market with the letters of B-I-N-G-O. The card is filled with random numbers from 1 to 75.


The purpose of the game is to match the pre-determined pattern

with the balls called. Some Bingo Rooms help the players, by

“shading” the pattern on the cards. It is also possible that the pattern

is completely random. There are more than 6000 patterns possible

at 75-Ball Bingo games.

The first player who finishes the pattern, wins the game. If a players

has the “balls to jackpot” number, he wins the progressive jackpot,

in most cases a very big prize.


90-Ball Bingo

In the 90-Ball Bingo game, you play with tickets, instead of cards.

Each ticket has 3 rows and nine columns. You buy 6 tickets at the

same time and the numbers on the tickets vary from 1 to 90. You

can find all the 90 numbers on all the 6 tickets, therefore each time

a number it’s called, you can mark a number.


Each 90-Ball Bingo game has 3 winning patterns and therefore you

have 3 winning chances: getting a single horizontal line, 2 horizontal

lines or all 3 horizontal lines, which is also called a “Full House”.

The more lines you have, the more Togel Hari Ini money you win. If you get a

“Full House” AND the “Balls to Jackpot” number, you win the game



A guide to internet Bingo terms and defenitions


Here you can find a brief guide to the common terminology used in the modern day game of online bingo. It is important that new bingo players understand and know all of the bingo terms and definitions in order to be able to play internet bingo.


Admission Packet  the minimum number of cards that a player has to buy as the price of admission. A standard admission packet usually contains 3 to 6 cards per game.


Auto-purchase  a feature where Bingo software automatically buys cards for a player at the beginning of a new game.


Basket Bingo  a special bingo game where basket prizes are given.


Bingo Board  the electronic display board that shows each selected

number as it is called.


Bingo card  The card of the player with all his personal numbers.

The cards are all unique.


Blackout  the name of the pattern where to whole card must be covered

in order to win.


Buy-in  depositing Togel Hari Ini money in exchange for participating in a Bingo game

by buying Bingo cards or differently said, buying an admission packet.


Cash-In-Prize  a game of bingo where the winning prize is a cash payout,

usually taken from the money buy-ins.


Catch-up  a method that automatically marks the numbers that are

called on the player’s card.


Chat Room  a screen that allows players to read and send messages

to other bingo players while they are playing.


Four corners  A special pattern where a player needs to cover all the

corner numbers of a card to win.


Jackpot  The big prize of the Bingo game.


Money Ball  a number that is drawn before the game starts. When a

player hits this number, he or she gets a special prize.


Pattern  The shape players need to cover on the card.


Payout  The percentage of the profits paid out by the Bingo Room.


Progressive Jackpot  A jackpot that get bigger every day, until it is won.


RNG  a random number generator is a machine that automatically picks

the numbers for a game and therefore ensures Fair Play.


Validation  Making sure that a player is entitled to win the jackpot amounts.


Wait  The only number that a player needs to complete a pattern and

win the game.


Wild number  a number that is determined by the first number.


Wrap up  The last game of the session.