keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders September 19th May 27, 2022 September 2, 2022 Ronald James

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Bodog Leaderboard updates. Less than two weeks remain in September  keluar sgp which means that the monthly leaderboard standings are becoming increasingly important. Let’s see who has the best shot at winning for both the week and for September.

First off, here were the winners of last week’s weekly leaderboard:

  1. Panicked – 2340 pts
  2. The Maven – 1708 pts
  3. whatever877 – 1646 pts

Huge congratulations to Panicked, who has won the weekly leaderboard two weeks in a row. This is the first time anyone has done this since I started covering the Bodog leaderboards 5 months ago, and it is a very impressive accomplishment! He never let go of the top spot since I first reported he was in first place last Friday. 2nd place winner for the week, The Maven, moved up 8 spots since last week and increased his point total by over 800. whatever877 rounds out the top 3, up from last week’s 4th place.

Here are some new weekly standings:

  1. TheMicrowave – 1489 pts
  2. Panicked – 1366 pts
  3. WillyNilly – 1346 pts
  4. L Rocketz – 1179 pts
  5. Pdiddy100 – 1078 pts
  6. Canam71 – 1033 pts
  7. ParliGod – 1004 pts
  8. Troy111 – 985 pts
  9. Swany420 – 941 pts

For a few consecutive weeks a while back, I was raving about alienface’s dominance on the Bodog leaderboards. He has since fallen off the face of the earth, and it looks like Panicked has replaced him. He’s back in the top 3 for the week again, this time in 2nd place but very close behind TheMicrowave. I predict that TheMicrowave will have to increase his point total by a lot in the remaining days this week to prevent Panicked from overtaking him. TheMicrowave has been doing well lately too, however. When I wrote last week, he was also in the top 3 (although he finished out of the top 3 when the week was over).

Time for some monthly leaderboard standings! Here’s what they look like for September right now:

  1. Panicked – 4831 pts
  2. Troy111 – 3580 pts
  3. The Maven – 3549 pts
  4. WillyNilly – 3198 pts
  5. TheMicrowave – 3181 pts
  6. whatever877 – 3162 pts
  7. iNcOgNiTo888 – 3097 pts
  8. Swany420 – 3083 pts
  9. michaeleahci – 2999 pts
  10. Pdiddy100 – 2949 pts

It’s not surprising to see Panicked on top right now, given his great success on the weekly boards so far this month. He has a very healthy lead, too – second place Troy111 is over 1200 points behind him. Panicked has just been on fire this month and I find it hard not to predict that he will end up the winner for September when it’s all said and done. There are some good players in the top 10, however, and if someone has a great final week and a half, it’s within their reach to take it away from Panicked. Troy111 has appeared in the leaderboards quite often since I started writing these articles, but he has never won a weekly or a monthly leaderboard. WillyNilly is a familiar name, although he hasn’t done much in the past month. And whatever877 has been in the top 10 quite often in the last 30 days – 23 of the last 30 days to be exact. It should be an interesting race down to the finish, so be sure to come back next week to see how the standings shift!