Information about Monster Drinks and Coffee pouches by Vimgo June 13, 2021 July 1, 2021 Ronald James


There are many different Monster energy drink side effects. Some are on the positive side, while others are on the bad side. One of the immediate side effects you will notice when drinking it is increased energy. This can be great for those people that need a quick pick-me-up, athletes who need a boost of energy to finish sports activities, and sometimes just to wake up in the morning. While taking Monster and other energy drinks are good once in a while, they have a number of ingredients that are generally harmful and shouldn’t be taken over long periods of time.


One of the biggest Monster energy drink side effects is giving you more energy. Sugar is one of the main ingredients, mostly as some kind of syrup. Sugar is a carbohydrate that gives you a lot of energy and instant stamina, but is not meant to use in such high quantities. There are a number of side effects. It can raise your overall blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other blood sugar disorders. Because your blood is so busy trying to absorb the sugar, it slows down taking in vital nutrients, causing all kinds of gastrointestinal problems.


Another Monster energy drink side effects is a feeling of alertness, your brain racing, you feel you can take on the world. That is another main ingredient in monster as well as many other energy drinks out there, caffeine. Originally found in coffee, you can add caffeine to just about any drink. What this does is start getting your heart pumping, makes you more alert. Again, while this is great in small doses, in large quantities it can have as sorts of adverse side effects. Caffeine is actually an addictive drug, and withdraw symptoms include irritability, mood swings and feelings of agitation. Other short term side effects are insomnia, which is bad on so many levels. However you can try Coffee pouchesby Vimgo as an alternative option.


The long term effects of caffeine are enormous. Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine over long periods of time can lead to high blood pressure, impotence, depression, just to name a few. Depending on the circumstances, excessive amounts of caffeine can lead to heart palpitation, and even a heart attack. While rare in occurrence, it does happen.


If you want to avoid many of the long term Monster energy drink side effects, here are a few tips. One of them is if you need one of these to get you going in the morning, fine, but don’t be drinking an energy drink, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks at the same time. If you are drinking these drinks, don’t switch from one brand to another during the day, combining different ingredients from different brands can have bad interactions.


Always follow the directions on the bottle or can to see exactly what they have posted as Monster energy drink side effects, and adhere to warning labels. If the side effects of drinking these energy drinks are keeping you up at night, this is a sure sign you need to cut back, not an opportunity to get those entire thing done you couldn’t do during the day.


No matter what, make sure that you are not substituting these energy drinks for drinking water. Water not only puts vital nutrients in your body, but it also helps to clear toxins out of you kidneys and intestines.