AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE September 11, 2022 December 20, 2022 Ronald James

So after some dreadful flights and waiting and more waiting. I am finally in Australia, running on about 7 hours sleep total in the last 4 days. Its a beautiful place and the people are nice, but for gods sake people wont stop staring at me.
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Ok anyways, so I go to the Party Poker meet and greet. Most of the other seat winners are Aussies or Scandinavians.

None of the other qualifiers were professional players and most were fluke satellite winners. Most of them started playing poker in the last 6 months.

We get into a conversation, where they are all trying to convince me that Poker is all luck because you can not change or predict the cards, and the cards determine your fate at the table. After breifly trying to explain how wrong they were, i realized it was futile and just smirked on the inside.

After that, i had to go play some cash games to see if the locals were really that bad. ( No offense to any Aussie members of the site, you obv own if you are RPT member).

I sat at a 2-5 NL table with $500 and OMg they were that bad. Raise and re-raise all in, then the next player calls with KJ off. Alot of people that would play any two cards. And nobody under any circumstances could fold a flush draw or a open ended str8 draw ( they had too many outs, lol) There could be a $50 pot, and I could bet $300 into it and I swear if there was a flush draw out there it just had to call, cuz afterall it was “flushing”. I dont overbet like that, but you get the point.

From a place that Joe Hachem and Tony G came out of I expected better play but on par with US casinos and Canadian ones Im used to, this play was just horrid. I would say the 2-5 nl players are about at the level of 25c 50c online games.

I tripled my buy-in and went to sleep a happy happy man.

The next day i play a 15 man Party Poker live freeroll at the casino and come in 2nd for $500 ( lost JJ to A9 on the last hand, we were close in chips).

There is some pros down here and some good internet quailifers i assume and even some good locals but compared to any WPT or WSOP event this feild has got to be much much softer then anything.

Well thats my recap so far.

I play today in the 2nd flight of Day 1 in the Aussie Millions Main Event, and im about to head over there now.